Global women for peace
united against nato

July 2024

75th NATO Anniversary Alternative Summit in Washington D.C. coming up

Women of the world united for peace say #NoNATO!

Join us this July 6-7 in Washington, DC to protest the 75th Anniversary of the greatest threat to world peace and justice: the US-NATO military alliance. We say: NOT IN OUR NAME!

Global Women for Peace United Against NATO (GWUAN) is gearing up for the July 5-7 Alternative Summit, which will precede the official 75th Anniversary NATO Summit held on July 9-11 in Washington, DC. We have created a photo collage featuring 200 images of women from around the world calling for freedom from NATO. This collage will be unveiled on July 6 during the conference at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. It will also be displayed throughout the weekend’s activities and used on social media. These photos were taken by GWUAN followers from all seven continents. The full video from Washington, D.C. will be shown on July 6, accompanied by a press release sent to NATO, governments, embassies, and peace organizations.

How can you support us?

👉 Sign our Declaration for Peace

👉Learn more about the No to NATO, Yes to Peace Alternative Summit and register here if you can attend in person

👉Watch the Alternative Summit livestream 

👉See our Global Promo-video and share it on your social media! Full photography video coming soon

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Reason for payment: NoNATO events

As NATO held its summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, on July 11th and 12th 2023, the peace movement  organised internationally. We organised protests – and as well as saying No to NATO, we said Yes to peace, presenting alternatives to war, and a new vision of security.

In March 2023, many women got together online, globally, to ensure women’s mobilization on this crucial issue. We call ourselves Global Women for Peace United Against NATO and we have produced a Declaration for Peace, outlining our message of peace, justice, solidarity, and common security.

As part of the international protests, we organised a programme of events in Brussels, home of the NATO headquarters. From July 6th to 9th, there were meetings, debates, seminars, and street actions – and much of it is available on this website. (See “Events” and “Media & More” above).

Please join us however you can – and help us expand participation, especially from those living in NATO states, or in NATO ‘partner’ countries. The events are women-led but we welcome all who are against NATO to participate.

The Declaration, together with the names and affiliations of the first signatories can be found on this page. Click on the tab above to find the Declaration translated into many languages. More are being added all the time.

The Declaration and list of signatories will be sent to the NATO headquarters, NATO members and partners, and their parliaments, together with the EU Commission and members of the European Parliament. We will make sure our voices are heard – voices for peace and justice!

Will you join us? Will you sign now?
Let’s build this movement for peace together!

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